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Snapback is an Italian startup based in Rome, focused on developing new, intuitive and revolutionary ways to interact with smart devices.
It provides a natural and powerful user experience by reinterpreting the available technology as a user-centered environment.
Hence, explores new ways of communicating with our devices by enforcing simple hand, voice, and air gestures and minimising touch and sight interactions.


Interfaces will be so natural as to be transparent.


Snapback will make you behave with your surroundings by sightless and touchless interaction.


Snapback adopts a sensor fusion approach empowering consumer electronics and turning smart devices into unbelievably functional tools.
It makes an extensive use of sensors, already available on contemporary devices, and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Snapback carries the UX to an upper level. It adopts a user-centered design thus providing always the best possible interaction.

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